Angular Website Development
What is Angular?

Angular is a Front-end client-side development platform which is used to build applications on the web, which was developed by the Google and was introduced back in 2009.

It eases the work of building applications with its high functioning solutions on the web, mobile and the Desktop. This framework introduced many potent features which eases the work by creating rich single-page applications.

Benefits Of Angular Web Development

Angular is one magical and powerful thing for a Web developer as it allows many features for the front-end development procedure.

Its key benefit is that it allows HTML documents turn into a dynamic content. With the release of Angular, it has reduced the efforts of creating dynamic content providing the web pages the dynamic forms and elements. Angular is one vast big and complicated thing. With so many features for doing the same thing it becomes difficult to judge which is a good option and which isn’t.

It is easily Maintainable. It provides the tool with the design pattern which helps it to be maintainable i.e. The Angular web application is not hard to be modified or tested. The codes are structured in a way that is easily understandable.

1) The Angular Web-development introduced an interesting concept of data binding which is the connecting bridge between the model and the view component. It implements the model as a single source of truth and view as the projection of the model. Two way data binding reduced the time of development as it doesn’t require additional coding for view and model synchronization.

2) Along with Directives, which allows you to create your own HTML tags with a permission to create dynamic and rich content with HTML.

3) Another Important feature of Angular is Dependency Injection which is an application design pattern which helps to create components of objects layered together in order to get reusable, testable codes and how changes in one component affect the other ones.

4) Its high performance has multiple factors which helps to load the application faster.

5) The component having the same nature is self-sufficient, it can be reused across different part of one application i.e. it is Reusable.

6) The main important advantage of using Angular is that it is developed and maintained by Google.

7) The Google team has been constantly working on the Angular Ecosystem to get the leading position among the front-end development tools.


TypeScript is an open-source programming language which is developed and maintained by Microsoft- wiki explains.

Frameworks like Angular is written on the superset of Javascript, which has shown diverse implementation with the release of Typescript.

Angular is a framework which is entirely made on Typescript. It provides a lot features in terms of the language.

TypeScript has many tooling options like auto completion, navigation and refactoring. It has made the codes lot easier to read and understand.

Typescript has to be organized with the Javascript in order for it to run, i.e. Type Script cannot be embedded, without the usage of Javascript for functioning. In Simple words, Javascript is the father of Typescript. Any JavaScript, you write, is perfectly compatible with Type Script. It has a feature of static typing which eases the nature of JavaScript variables.

Lazy Loading

Applications contains a lot of features which may not be loaded once even after the application being launched.

The file gets loaded when the user clicks on it, so this might cause delay in the page loading resulting in a bad user experience.

Here Angular helps with its assistance, as it commands the router to load the page asynchronously and it facilitates the module with no waiting features when the user clicks.

This improves app loading time by reducing its initial load size, which results in no delay in the lazy loaded module.

Websites Developed Using Angular

Javascript has changed the face of web and mobile applications in the past years. Angular is a solo based front-end web developer without depending on other frameworks or plugin.

There are many websites and mobile applications which are developed using Angular.

With these listed examples, the power of Angular has gained inspiration in the field of Website Development.

1) YouTube
    YouTube is build with AngularJS, which allows you to watch and share videos online to millions of user worldwide.

2) Freelancer
    Freelancer is a renowned marketplace for outsourcing. There are billions of freelancers registered on this site.

3) Netflix
    Netflix allows internet streaming media to its viewers. It brings the latest movies and TV series on your mobile and desktop.

4) is a website to learn AngularJS, which has videos, tutorials, free course and case study to learn AngularJS.

5) Gmail
    The modern Gmail has been breaking every other email services with its secure and less error-prone features.

6) PayPal
    PayPal is a leading Internet Payment company with Online payment system.

7) Weather was launched in 1996, which is developed using AngularJS. It gives you an efficient weather forecast over the world.

8) Walmart
    Walmart is the largest retailer with millions of customers, almost 12,000 of stores in 28 different countries.

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