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Every business organization has their own master plan for marketing their business but only a few are successful to obtain profitable outcomes.

Have You Ever Thought Why?

Most of us keep rectifying our plans to find out the mistakes we have done. But the actual mistake that we do is not in our planning but in our executing ways.

Marketing does not only rely on tactics but also the strategies of executing these tactics.

Strategies can be defined as the way to decide why, when &where to execute the tactics of marketing to gain profitable yields.

According to Pranamya, A Strategy should be focused on “WHAT NOT TO DO” then deciding “WHAT SHOULD BE DONE”.

Pranamya helps you to create an effective Digital Marketing strategy according to your business aspects & goals.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist for Marketing Online PRANAMYA Considers the following key points while designing an impact creating Digital Marketing strategy for your brand
All about your business

It is important for us to have all the knowledge about your company to decide the best for you.

The current level of the brand in the World Market

We track your level on the world platform & set our goals & strategies for enhancing your brand image & making it more popular.

Past Performance

We refer your brands past performance to learn from past mistakes done & to resolve them in effective ways.

Business Goals

We pay attention to achieving the success you have always dreamt of for your brand & sometimes even more

The people you wish to target

It is very important to list out the group of audience suitable to be targeted. For example If your brand deals in baby products then the targeted audience will probably be the moms & there is no profit in targeting men.

All about your competitors

It is said that you should always know about your competitor to learn from his achievements & use his drawbacks to overtake him in the race for success. Hence Pranamya considers all the factors to design the list of Payable targeted customers.

The master plan that you have in mind for your brand

Just concentrating on the strategies is not enough it is of key importance to take the tactics & strategies hand in hand on the path of success. Hence with an effective strategy, it is very important to check whether your plans for marketing are impact creating or not.

Resources required for execution of the tactics & strategies

We need to keep a check on the availability of the resources for Digital Marketing.


It is a great saying in English “TO HIT THE METAL WHEN HOT “, similarly, We need to focus on the right timing For executing our strategies to make the most of it.

Targets & feedbacks

The most important aspect of Digital Marketing is reaching the targets & getting Satisfactory Feedbacks from our clients. This is one of the key points that Pranamya focuses on.

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