Ecommerce Marketing Services
What is E-commerce?

E-commerce refers to the sale of products & services on the world platform of WWW

Why is E-Commerce marketing important?

It is not enough to just open a shop & display your products without a banner stating the products you are selling &without people knowing about your shop there is no scope of profitable business, Similarly, Just creating a site & Posting it on Google is not enough to enhance your business & build your brand name, but it requires a lot of hard work to make people notice your brand & connect with you .This is where E-commerce marketing services come into the picture. It means to display your brand on the world platform using Digital marketing strategies with the aim of boosting the brand sales. Through Pranamya’s E-Commerce Marketing Services, you can generate leads through your websites.

Important factors to follow so as to generate profitable yields through E-commerce marketing are

Choosing the right platform for your Retail website & the best website developer.

Choosing the right strategy for E-commerce marketing.

Choosing the right SEO Company.

Digitizing payment options.

The procedure used by Pranamya to provide profit yielding E-Commerce Marketing Services is
Attracting Targeted visitors to your Brand website

Tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) & Public Relations Activities are used to direct the online shopping addicts & online researchers to your brand website & create a buzz promoting your brand & making it famous in the digital world.

Converting maximum visitors into payable clients

It is not enough to just get a huge amount of visitors but it is of key importance to convert them into payable customers for yielding higher profits. For this Pranamya uses the concepts of Email Marketing, Web Analytics & follow up activities on frequent visitors.

Maintaining strong customer relations to ensure repeated buying

According to Pranamya the process of marketing doesn’t end after converting visitors to payable customers but it actually starts after a customer purchases your product. Pranamya believes that retaining your customers is of key importance to enhance your brand. Providing a good customer service & interacting with them & providing them with their requirements with the help of Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing helps you to retain a customer & create new customers by the means of reference of old retained customers.

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