Attractive Paid Advertisements What is meant by Paid Advertisement?

A paid advertisement refers to any activity of promotion that you have to pay for.

Here the owner rents out his ad-space to newly developed businesses for their Promotional activities.

Paid Advertising might be expensive as compared to the owned & earned advertisements but it is an excellent way to increase contact with a larger group of audiences.

Because of the growing trend of social media surfing, popular social media websites such as LinkedIn & Facebook have become an effective platform for Paid Advertisements.

Effective types of paid advertisements
1) Pay per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is the Smartest & the most affordable way of paid advertisements.

Pay-Per-Click works in a very convenient manner of paying for the ad only when a visitor clicks on it.

Pranamya doesn’t just forget about your ad after it is uploaded & paid, but it actually keeps a check & updates it with more creativity so as to increase visits to your website. Pranamya also keeps a check on the best deals for your Pay-Per-click ads & make them more cost-effective.

Strategies for Paid Advertisement Services for Websites by Pranamya
Keyword research

We carry out deep research with respect to your business & your targeted audiences & select the Keywords that perfectly define your business & attract a huge number of audience.

PPC Optimization

We keep on updating the texts & other contents of your advertisement to make it more creative & response yielding.

PPC Audit

We keep a check on the progress & responses gained by the ad & the increase & decrease in the response rates after each update to learn from earlier updates & try to make better enhancements.s

Retarding or Remarketing

Sometimes the visitors do not buy your products & services immediately hence we make sure that we don’t vanish out from their interests & keep on Remarketing your products & offers to soon convert them into payable clients.

Consulting & reporting

We provide you with a detailed report about the progress & updates made to your marketing campaign so that you can cherish your success time to time.

2) Pay per Impression

It is a concept widely used in online marketing & Marketing campaigns carried out for creating web traffic.

It simply means that the owner of the business has to pay every time his ad shows up on a website.

It is expensive as compared to PPC & is a little less feasible but Pranamya helps you to effectively use this tool of Paid advertising making it worth every penny.

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