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What Is Seo?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a procedure of positioning your website at top of the Google search rankings for your targeted keywords. Simply like ,a library has a ton of books ,yet, the librarian issues us the best book according to our requirement; similarly, the search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, selects the websites to serve the customers with the best results according to the keywords entered by the customer.

SEO is the most important tool for accomplishing higher rankings for the search engines. A decent SEO can help accomplish the stage you have been longing for with genuine leads and payable customers. The accomplishments of our customers are the snapshots of pride for us. It is an incredible triumph for us to see our customers in the first 10 results of SERPs.

We take on-page and off-page optimization strategies hand-in-hand to make an effect making site which is powerful over the long-run. With the assistance of our site reviews, complete Keyword research & placements, deliberately created content marketing strategies and capacity to draw an observable conclusion with the online spaces that our clients’ possess.We at Pranamya, the best SEO agency in Navi Mumbai offers excellent white hat SEO marketing. Consistently, millions take advantage of web search tools to discover commodities or services. 90% of those individuals will tap on the links falling in the best 10 rankings of the search engines

Our group of SEO specialists helps position your site where it can yield the sort of reaction that will mean profitable clients. Our SEO techniques depend on an advisory manner, understanding your gathering of people and objectives and exercising

Keyword Research

SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

Pranamya helps you to optimize your website with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your website.

Competitive Analysis

Considering your competitor’s strengths & weaknesses our team creates Growth opportunities for your website that helps you to reach the top position & retain it in the ever-changing conditions of search engines.

Website optimization Services and Content Development/Copywriting

A good descriptive content is a key to the success of a website. Content is not just a regular text in a website but is the client attracting factor in a website.

Great copywriting won't just expand your rankings, yet helps in changing over your visitors to paying clients.

Our writers create proficient, special content that conveys an unmistakable and improved marketing message to both web search tools and clients.

Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization

Online PR is an effective and more affordable course than customary advertising. Online Press Release additionally includes SEO and site improvement benefits by sending movement and connections back to your web page. We can enable you to report new advancements in your organization and take advantage of the SEO and PR benefits.

Local Search Optimization

A local search generally consists of location modifier on a keyword and is used by clients searching for a service or commodity in their locality. SEO agency helps you to increase your business listings & for these localities.

Mobile SEO

With the increase in the use of smartphones, there is an increase in the usage of mobile search engines. Mobile search engine optimization services by SEO agency helps you to optimize your website & make it feasible for mobile searches.

International Search

Running your website on an international platform includes international search standards as well as multilingual searches; SEO agency helps you to stand strong on the international stage with the help of its Professional SEO services.

Shopping Search

We will enable you to target clients who go online to analyze items from various sellers or scan for an online store or item by category. By positioning admirably in these searches, your clients can discover and purchase your items with only a few clicks.

Video SEO

The procedure to boost the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the website appears in the top searches returned by a search engine. SEO services by SEO agency will help you to rank your website to the top.

Web Marketing Analytics

Search marketing campaigns should be by thoroughly and consistently checked & analyzed. SEO agency will set up research covering your site and after that offer proficient advice and proposals on the most proficient method to exploit the information.


Pranamya respects its responsibilities of reporting all the improvements & changes made on the website, Hence, we provide a thorough SEO report of your website indicating the performance & the enhancements of the websites accomplished from our efforts.

How Search Engine Optimization Works?

Search Engine has created automatic algorithms that have helped in giving quality outcomes to its clients and eventually rank a site having valuable and definitive content.

Likewise, Google the giant search engine disallowed low-quality websites and additionally pages from performing well in the search engine results page (SERP) and brought down the rankings of websites that infringed Google's Webmaster Guidelines respectively.

In general terms, there are two kinds of seo optimization that support your site rank: on-site and off-site optimization

The on-site optimization work is spun around changing textual and 'meta information' to better reflect the significance of the keywords you are focusing on. This does not include 'keyword stuffing' but rather guaranteeing that on both structural/technical level and linguistic level, your site is putting the most applicable look ahead to the Search Engines.

Once your website is streamlined with on-site changes, a larger part of the everyday work is contained within off-site work.

The web search tools utilize the amount and kind of links indicating into your site to build up quality, specialist, trust, and relevancy.

Our everyday work is to assemble an assortment of links into your site in a different and basic approach to support build link-popularity and value which will support your site's capacity to begin positioning for its targeted keywords.

Why do you need search engine optimization services?

The Internet world is quick paced and exceedingly competitive situation. Every client is given the number of chances to look over, and every seller is trying to best themselves to get business. Brilliant organizations are working round the clock to influence the online client to encounter achievement. This makes the site smoother and sleeker to work.

Excellent rankings on the search engine are the essential step to get nearer to a client, and advertisers are working completely to enhance their page rank, build brand awareness through online networking, and guarantee that each clicks gets converted over into income.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization services:

Increase in sales: Obviously sales are what you need. Go get em!

Enhanced SERP: Search engine optimization will position your website to a higher rank on search engine results pages that will make your website visible to your target audience.

Move ahead of your competitor: When you do SEO correctly, it will aid your business to take a jump ahead of your competitor in terms of ranking, web presence and web traffic. With Pranamya Digital , being the best SEO Company SEO agency in Mumbai, will get you to stay ahead of your competitor.

Best ROI: SEO provides by far effective ROI in the long term using SEO keywords when compared to any other strategy.

Excellent Brand Visibility: Raise your brand’s visibility through SEO services. When website optimization is done properly, your website starts showing to your targeted audience, hence it will attract more visitors to your website.

Get positive impression: A properly optimized site is easily accessible to the greater part of internet users. This will gain many more potential clients. When website optimization is done properly, the site gets easier to browse for the guest visitor and to have a positive impression on the user.

Building your brand: Your website is present on the internet throughout the year all 365 days in front of the user. This will give the user advantage to access your service or products from any part of the world at any given time. This gives an opportunity to create a strong brand image of your business. A properly done website optimization will assure that your site turns to be your excellent representation in the internet world.

Browser approachability: Your website is approachable by any browser if your site properly optimized, this allows your website viewable by the high number of promising clients.

Why us?
Flexible & Systematic Approach:

We have built up an all-around planned and precise steps to deal with SEO. Our methodologies are composed keeping in mind the calculations of different search engines like Google and so forth. Our SEO marketing approach is incredible and its witness is the high positioning accomplished in major search engines by our site.

Ethical SEO

We take just a Search Engine endorsed 'White-Hat SEO' systems. We value your business and brand picture as much as you do, and thus we take most extreme care to not harm it at all. Some SEO agency guarantees you instant results by utilizing ' Black Hat SEO methods'. These methods may indicate you instant result, yet they are disliked by all real Search Engines, and utilizing these procedures can cause you loss in a worst case 'get prohibited' by significant search engines.

ROI centred

Our Strategies are motivated by ROI for Search Engine Optimization. We comprehend that primary concern is return and sales in connection with the investment, and thus we guarantee legitimate following and checking of all key execution.

SEO info sharing:

Our motto is to treat our clients as our partners with the motive of equality and long-term relationship. Therefore, we believe in going the extra mile and sharing the useful and necessary SEO tips with our partners; so that they will be benefited in their business.

Organic SEO:

Anything that takes time and has a slow process, makes it understandable that the product will be stronger and wiser as it takes time to grow deeper roots for better sustainability. Like a tree, SEO needs to develop gradually. SEO guarantees of getting you at number one SERP in few days depending on the practices of 'Inorganic SEO'. We don't make such impulsive guarantees nor do we utilize any underhand methods. We promise you quality, and economic outcomes, which will withstand the accuracy of the SEO world

What Pranamya Digital as SEO Agency provides?

Step 1: Understanding your business requirement We get that everyone has a unique business and has a different way to approach their clients. As per clients unique business need and requirement, we work and develop strategies around it. Our team researches your business and goes to the website thoroughly.

Step 2: Keyword & Competitor analysis We carry out detailed SEO keyword research and keyword segmentation to open up opportunities. We select best relevant keywords based on your business search frequency. Detailed competitor analysis is conducted to know competitor’s online strength and weakness. This analysis helps to prepare strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

Step 3: Website analysis and recommendations A proper technical audit of your business’s site is carried out and suitable recommendations are given. Our team will completely work on the creation of relevant meta tags and other HTML tags for your site to crawl properly.

Step 4: Link building & development for your website Our team will deal with the formation of Sub Domain, which will help in a better association of the site and influence it to search engine friendly. Search engine optimization isn't finished until the point that correct link building is finished. We will deal with comprehensive link building for your site. Article creation and the association will help in expanding your validity and specialist in your business field, with the extra advantage of external link building. We will perform directory submission of your site. These directories are deliberately chosen to incorporate just those with high domain authority.

Step 5: Continued Monitoring & Optimization We use just moral strategies to guarantee a natural search engine positioning for your site.Pranamya SEO agency comprehend that SEO is a dynamic and continuous process, and our specialists keep in consistent touch with changing patterns and procedures and update your site

We have confidence in straightforwardness and responsibility to our customers. Our specialists give customary updates of Key performance indicators for your site. With the goal that you would yourself be able to screen the advance and after effects of our drives. The consistent observation of your site is performed to guarantee that your site keeps up top rankings on the search engines.

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